About the Circuit.

Wanna have some real punch? Then this is the ideal IC power amplifier  for you  .This amplifier circuit is based on National Semiconductor’s  LM 3886.

The LM3886 is a high-fidelity audio power amplifier IC  able of delivering a blasting 68W of continuous power on 4 Ohm load.  The performance of the LM3886, using its Self Peak Instantaneous Temperature  Protection Circuitry (SPiKE) makes it in a class above discrete and hybrid amplifiers. . SPiKe Protection refers to that the amplifier is  almost safe against problems like over voltage, under voltage, overloads,  shorts to the supplies,
thermal runaway, and  temperature peaks.The LM3886 maintains a good S/N Ratio of
above  92 dB . It showes extremely low Total Harmonic Distortion over the audio spectrum, and provides excellent linear behavior.

Circuit Diagram & Parts List.


Notes .

  • The circuit needs a well regulated and filtered 28V dual power supply.
  • If you need some more punch you can extend the supply voltage up to 35V.
  • Switch S1 is used for mute function. It can be opened to mute the amplifier.

LM 3886 Pin out.


LM 3886 Quick reference data