Amplifier Using TDA 1516 IC

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About The Circuit

Given below is the working as well as circuit schematic of  24 Watts mono-amplifier using IC TDA 1516. It is a 13 pin SIL package with an integrated class B power amplifier. The IC has to be connected in BTL mode so as to provide 24 Watts of power for a 4 Ohm speaker. This amplifier only needs a 12 Volts DC power supply  and so is appropriate to be used as car stereos. The IC must be given special care and so must be fitted into a heat sink.

The circuit will be best working when assembled in a high quality PCB. It must be noted that the capacitor must have a minimum rating of 25 Volts. Also note that the Switch S1 is used as the stand by switch.
Take a look at the circuit diagram and do bring in your comments.

Circuit Schematic


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