Circuit Description

The circuit diagram of Cable TV amplifier has been published here. This cable TV amplifier circuit consists of two transistors Q1 and Q2 both 2SC1324 as its core part. Type number of these transistors is optional; any medium power NPN RF transistors can be used instead of it. Among these transistors Q1 is meant for amplification and gives a maximum gain of around 20 dB. Transistor Q2 functions as emitter follower. This emitter follower circuit is meant for increasing current gain.

12V DC supply is used for powering this circuit.  It is most applicable for cable TV systems that use coaxial cables of 75 ohms. This particular amplifier has less performance than other high quality cable TV amplifiers available in market since it is a simple elementary circuit.

Circuit Diagram

Cable TV Amplifier Using Transistors

Cable TV Amplifier Using Transistors


  • Use a Vero board to assemble components for this particular circuit.
  • This amplifier works fine up to 150 MHz in cable TV systems that use 75 ohm coaxial cables.