Baxendall Circuit

admin June 9, 2010 4 Comments
Circuit Description Here is the circuit diagram of Baxendall tune control circuit. The name Baxendall for this circuit is because this circuit is based on the tune control circuit developed by Baxendall. This circuit uses two transistors Q1 and...
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FM Remote Encoder/Decoder Circuit

admin June 9, 2010 2 Comments
Circuit Description The circuit diagram of FM remote encoder/decoder has been published here. The main parts of this circuit are the ICs RF 600E and RF 600D. This circuit consists of two main parts such as transmitter (encoder) section...
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FM Radio Circuit Using TDA 7000 IC

admin May 13, 2010 1 Comment
Circuit Description Figure shows the circuit diagram of Single chip FM Radio circuit. This circuit is based on the monolithic IC TDA 7000 which is the central part of this circuit. This IC TDA 7000 contains a Frequency-Locked-Loop system...
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