About The Circuit
Given below is the woking as well as circuit diagram of a single tracer sircuit made with the use of uA 741 operational-amplifier. The main advantage of such a circuit is that with a battery of 6 to 9 Volts a high gain amplifier can be easily obtained. For this, all we have to do is to set IC1 as a high gain non-inverting amplifier. Inorder to drive the speaker a pair of complementary transistors are used named as Q1 and Q2. The two transistors Q1 and Q2 stabilizes the overall gain of the amplifier due to the negative feedback from common emitter junction.

The circuit has to be made neatly in a printed circuit board. We must also note down that the capacitors have a minimum rating of 15 Volts. The IC uA 741 should be mounted on an IC base. For adjusting the volume level POT R6 can be used.

Circuit Schematic