3Watt stereo ampliifer

admin April 21, 2008 4 Comments
About the circuit. Here is a small but effective mini stereo amplifier circuit based on the MAX 7910 IC.The circuit can deliver a 3W power to a 4 Ohm load .The main feature is that the circuit can be...
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admin March 20, 2008 1 Comment
Cass D Amplifier. The class D amplifier or switching amplifier uses the switching mode of operation of transistors to control the out power rather than using the linear operation of transistors (class AB).The cause of the high power efficiency...
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68 W amplifier circuit using LM3886

admin March 20, 2008 2 Comments
About the Circuit. Wanna have some real punch? Then this is the ideal IC power amplifier  for you  .This amplifier circuit is based on National Semiconductor’s  LM 3886. The LM3886 is a high-fidelity audio power amplifier IC  able of...
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12 Watt Transistor Amplifier Circuit

admin March 19, 2008 19 Comments
 About the circuit. This is a low cost amplifier circuit using 4 transistors and one op amp. The op amp uA 741 produces the required gain and the transistors wired in complementary Darlington configuration produces the drive for the...
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2×22 W stereo amplifier

admin March 18, 2008 1 Comment
About the Circuit This is the circuit diagram of a powerful and good quality stereo amplifier using IC TDA 1554.Even though the circuit has only very few external components.The circuit delivers a 2×22 W out put on 4 Ohm...
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Audio Wattmeter for amplifiers

admin March 17, 2008 1 Comment
 About the circuit This particular circuit is very useful ,especially in cases where the measurement of the amplifier output is to be done. The maximum power of the amplifier, which is to be measured must be only half the...
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18 Watt MOSFET Amplifier

admin March 16, 2008 No Comments
About the Circuit. This audio amplifier is of high efficiency as it produces an output power of 18W , and that too with very less components. A shunt feedback configuration is setup here using two transistors, one MOSFET, and...
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