Direct Coupled Radio Circuit

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Circuit Description Here is the circuit diagram of direct coupled radio. The central and core part of this circuit consists of three transistors Q1 (HEP 641), Q2 (HEP 253) and Q3 (HEP 641) as shown in the circuit diagram....
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50 Watt Transistor Amplifier Circuit

admin April 28, 2010 3 Comments
Circuit Description The circuit diagram given below is 50 W transistor amplifier. This circuit is a class-B amplifier. In this circuit, seven transistors are used. Out of these transistors, six transistors acts as preamplifiers and the rest one is...
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Simple 250 mW Audio Amplifier

admin April 25, 2010 1 Comment
Circuit Description The circuit diagram given below shows 250 mW audio amplifier. This circuit contains three transistors Q1 (BC547), Q2 (BC327), Q3 (BC337) as central components. Transistor Q1 in this circuit acts as preamplifier where as Q2 and Q3...
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Low Cost Transistor Amplifier

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About The Circuit This three transistor audio amplifier has been designed so as to deliver almost 100mW power to a 25 Ohm speaker. This circuit can easily be assembled on a vero board with a 9 Volt PP3 battery...
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